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Digital Strategy

FGS Global’s digital strategists thrive at the intersection of technology, media, and communications, combining cutting edge tactics with hard-won strategic experience and expertise.

We value strategic thinkers and creative personalities with a variety of backgrounds and professional experience.

We look for problem-solvers who share our passion for communication, see challenges as incentives, and can help our clients make an impact.

We prize entrepreneurial thinking, responsibility and leadership on any platform, at any age.

Find your path

Roll up your sleeves. Are you ready to dive into meaningful work? When you grow your career at FGS Global you’ll be collaborating with people motivated to create purposeful impact and committed to your success and development.


Theo Hildebrand

Partner, Content / Digital / Data Team


Tell us about a typical day

My time is split between working with the CDD team, advising clients and working on new business, and developing our global data strategy as a firm. Typically, this means a good number of meetings – the best ones include a whiteboard or sitting in the sun on the terrace.

What is your favorite aspect of the job?

The variety. We work across every practice area: building websites for deals, creating narratives and videos, working out the right paid strategies for client campaigns, or building data infrastructure to measure performance and gain insights.

It challenges you to learn new things and find connections across a wide range of communication disciplines.

How would you describe yourself as a member of the team?

Approachable, willing to help and (most of the time) fun. But to be honest, you should ask my team what I am really like.

What do you think is special about FGS Global?

Something new is always just around the corner, and the people that work here are genuine experts at what they do.

How did you begin your career in the industry?

My first comms job was as a press office for a charity. Our office was above the River Café in Hammersmith and Richard Rogers kindly let us do our photocopying for free. The architectural models were amazing, as were the smells from the restaurant.