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Inside Davos

In the face of unprecedented geopolitical challenges and the evolving global energy dynamics, the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2024 at Davos stands out as one of the most critical gatherings for companies to attend next year.

With the pandemic receding, the return of key participants to Davos marks a pivotal moment, elevating WEF 2024 back to its pre-pandemic significance and offering a unique opportunity for companies to reconnect.

Davos is a strategic investment for companies, providing an opportunity to actively contribute to policy debates that influence the global agenda and leverage international media presence.

FGS Global at the center of the stakeholder economy

We work at the intersection of all relevant sectors, helping you reach the audiences that matter most, especially in Davos​.

Meet our Experts

Conversations around WEF 2024 have already started and FGS Global can help you hit the ground running and make the most out of your time at Davos. Please reach out at to learn more about our services.